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Jan 7

Dungeon Master:
Dungeon Master:
Dungeon Master: Eluria = island
Cho’Gath: [Cho, the earliest to arrive, offers Ezreal a glass of the wine he is currently drinking when he arrives (and hangs round for a bit, ‘cause he assumes he’s one of the members he’s gonna work with)] “Would you care for a glass while we wait? Dom Perignon, [vintage year].”
Ezreal: [ Ez just shakes his head, a bit unsure about the offer. Who drinks before heading out on a quest? ] “No thanks.”
Garen Crownguard: [Garen stands by the door of the inn waiting for Lux to finally come out of her room to leave] “Are you
Garen Crownguard: *ready yet”
Luxanna Crownguard: [Silently pouting, Lux over dramatically stopped out of the room and right past Garen.] “I don’t understand why you’re even coming. You don’t think I can go alone?”
Cho’Gath: “Cho’Gath.” [Hand? extend] “And you are?”
Garen Crownguard: “Blame your guild master. That’s who insisted I come. Well, her and mom.”
Ezreal: “Ezreal.” [ He… shakes Cho’s hand. ]
Dungeon Master: Along the town road came what seemed to be a caravan older than the city itself. Torn, beaten, battered, other adjectives that mean it looked pretty terrible could all be used to describe it, as well as the man driving it. His eyes a glazed over milky white, his hair all but gone from his head, and his clothes looking as if they would turn to dust if they were blown on by a particularly moderate wind. He stopped the caravan in front of the group of would-be adventurerers, and glanced in the direction opposite of where they were. “You lot ready yet? I swear, the ones they send get scrawnier looking every time…”
Cho’Gath: “A pleasure!” [Polite shaking, then back to drinking. In fact, he thinks he’ll enjoy some cheese with his wine.]
Luxanna Crownguard: [Throws her hands up and makes no attempt to stifle a shrill noise of frustration.] “Always listening to mommy, eh, Garen? She doesn’t /REALLY/ care you know. It’s all for show. Let’s go we’re late.” [Goes outside to where they’re supposed to meet up~]
Ezreal: [ Ezreal waits around like a quiet boring person since some people seem to be running a little late. ]
Cho’Gath: [To caravan-chan-san, ignoring his RUDE comment] “My apologies. It seems a few members of our modest group have yet to arrive. Would you care for a bit of wine while we wait?”
Dungeon Master: The blind man snaps his attention to where the actual voice was coming from, instead of 15 feet to their right. “Hurry up you lot, want to get going before I die of old age.”
Garen Crownguard: [Garen follows Lux to the caravan, walking a half step behind] “Mom didn’t tell me to come, she talked YOUR guild master into asking mine to be assigned.”
Luxanna Crownguard: “All for show.”
Ezreal: [ gettin’ in the caravan and stuff without even greeting the new people wow what a dick Ezreal jeez ]
Luxanna Crownguard: [Graciously accepts the hand-up!]
Luxanna Crownguard: “Thank you.”
Cho’Gath: “My pleasure, madam.”
Garen Crownguard: [Climbs up into the caravan, sitting across from Lux. He extends a hand to Cho’Gath] “I’m Garen, from the Dauntless Vanguard.”
Cho’Gath: “A pleasure. Cho’Gath.”
Cho’Gath: “from The Void.”
Garen Crownguard: “Nice to meet you” [Garen extends a hand to Ezreal]
Ezreal: [ Ezreal shakes his hand ] “Yeah.”
Luxanna Crownguard: [extends her hand to Cho as well.] “I’m Lux of the Demacian mage’s Guild. It’s nice to meet you.”
Cho’Gath: “And you! What type of mage are you?”
Garen Crownguard: [Garen looks a little surprised the Ezreal didn’t introduce himself so he doesn’t actually know Ezreal’s name]
Luxanna Crownguard: “Oh, I’m an ordinary mage, of course!”
Dungeon Master: In the midst of all the introductions, the blind man commands the horses drawing the caravan to start a slow trot towards the only road towards their destination. When he catches a break in the discussion in the passenger side of the caravan, he turns and speaks. “You ‘eard what’s been goin’ on then? Real shame it is, hope you guys are able to help them poor townsfolk before it’s too late.”
Garen Crownguard: “What’s the buzz tell me what’sa happenin’?”
Cho’Gath: “I’m afraid all I know is that my particular area of expertise will be of use.”
Dungeon Master: He stops the horse and turns around to face Garen, but due to not being able to see and all ends up staring at Ezreal. “You mean to tell me that they told you nothing of what’s been going on, and yet you accepted the assignment to go investigate it?”
Cho’Gath: [Wondering if this fucker is blind, but too polite to ask…]
Garen Crownguard: “I follow orders.”
Cho’Gath: [How the fuck is this guy driving?! We’re all going to die today.]
Luxanna Crownguard: [nods.] “A Demacian doesn’t just turn away because something’s difficult!”
Cho’Gath: “I myself enjoy a good buttfuck.”
Ezreal: “Yeah that. Squable.”
Dungeon Master: With a sudden twist to face forward again, he jerks the reins and the horse takes off at speeds that would terrify most people. The driver begins to laugh and laugh as the horse continues at breakneck speed, all the while the passengers bouncing up and down and struggling to hold on and not be left behind.
Ezreal: [ D8!!!! ]
Dungeon Master:
Cho’Gath: [Cho bounces around like crazy, and is hopefully able to move with the caravan as it flies by, holding on for dear life but grining as he does so! Danger is so exciting.]
Ezreal: [ D8!!!!!! still. But this time about not being able to balance very well with all this. He’s more startled than upset, because what the fuck never should have trusted a blind driver ]
Luxanna Crownguard:
Luxanna Crownguard: [Lux casts a magicky spell that causes light to erupt from one end of her wand and …solidify as it wraps around one of the planks of wood that make up the side of the caravan. Out of the other end of her wand the same thing, but it wraps around her wrist]
Garen Crownguard: [When the cart starts to take off and bounce around Garen quickly grabs on to it.]
Dungeon Master: Cho bounces around like a damned fool, his teeth rattling and his head hurting a bit from all the bouncing, but doesn’t seem to take any actual damage. As for Ezreal, the same situation occurs, but being lighter he flies up higher than Cho before coming back into contact with the caravan. Lux, seemingly the smartest of them all, hardly bounces whatsoever, and in fact probably silently mocking the others for doing so. Garen, not being as big as Cho manages to grab on to the caravan quicker, and hold on for dear life, bouncing a bit but not much in the end.
Dungeon Master: Just as soon as the speed started it seemed to have ended. The caravan jerked to a stop, and the blind man sighed.- "Orcs up ahead. They don’t look too friendly, and I don’t have my crossbow to take them out. You folks going to do something about it? Pick a position within 5 squares of the cart to begin combat. (Say something like R1, or R2 so I know.)
Cho’Gath: R9
Garen Crownguard: T9
Ezreal: Q3
Luxanna Crownguard: R5
Dungeon Master: Roll a D20 + any initiatiive modifier
Luxanna Crownguard:
Garen Crownguard:
Dungeon Master:
Cho’Gath: (Yeah, but it doesnt say the effects.)
Cho’Gath: (I need to know for all of them >_>;)
Ezreal: [ Ezreal tries to shoot the one closest to him twice!! woo ]
Dungeon Master:
Cho’Gath: (I like the Rugged Garen)
Cho’Gath: (That attack is weird)
Cho’Gath: (I can’t remember if you roll to hit twice and then roll damage or wtf)
Cho’Gath: (About Twin Strike)
Dungeon Master: 1d20+6; 2d8+6
Luxanna Crownguard:
Cho’Gath: (Nats in 4e mean max dmg right?)
Dungeon Master: (It means guarantee to hit + crit if it’s a weapon, not sure how nat 20s work with spells)
Cho’Gath: (I thought in 4e crits meant max damage instead of 2x)
Garen Crownguard: they do
Garen Crownguard: + 1d6 per plus if it’s magic
Dungeon Master: After Lux does whatever she does, the Orc that she targetted lowers his weapon, gets a far away look and ends up collapsing.
Cho’Gath: (I’m giggling)
Cho’Gath: (Its not gonna kill you. It might kill you.)
Luxanna Crownguard: ( )
Dungeon Master: Seeing his ally fall in battle, the remaining orc lets out a mighty roar and swings twice at Garen in front of him, connecting with his axe twice. Garen is reduced to 14 HP, and is bloodied.
Garen Crownguard:
Dungeon Master: Garen connects with the sword that is far too large to be wielded by most, and nearly kills the orc outright. Unfortunately for him the orc still stands, despite spurting blood everywhere, and continues to roar in anger.
Cho’Gath: [Cho shifts down to S9, acid breaths the Orc in his fucking face and then swings his big ass battleaxe with Vault the Fallen. Also he’s grinning :D]
Dungeon Master: The orc gets acid sprayed right in his stupid fucking face, and while he’s clutching his eyes in pain the dragonborn brings down the Battleaxe on him, splitting him nicely in twain. Unfortunately for the group, or possibly unfortunately for the orcs, 3 more orcs storm on to the battlefield and don’t look too happy.
Dungeon Master: New map, Ezreal it is your turn!
Ezreal: [ pew pew ]
Dungeon Master: After running forward to get a better shot, Ezreal lets loose with another arrow. Finding his target, the newly arrived Orc ends up with an arrow sticking out of his chest.
Luxanna Crownguard:
Dungeon Master:
Cho’Gath: [Cho’s dick moves to S11 and uses his MOTHER FUCKING pressing strike to shift through a bitch to S13 and swings at a nigga and Lux has a nice ass, he notices.]
Dungeon Master: The orc, being damned near mortally wounded at this point gets shoved towards the giant sword wearing armor as Cho advances towards the third orc. Seeing the giant Dragonborn coming towards him, the remaining Orc attempts to fling acid into his eyes, missing by about a couple of hundred yards. He looks down at the floor, feeling rather stupid that his accuracy was so bad.
Dungeon Master: ezreals turn
Ezreal: [ Ezreal fires the wimpiest shots ever at the red one pew pew pew ]
Dungeon Master: THankfully, since the Orc has been pushed around, stabbed, and probably other horirble things, he falls to the ground after the arrow so much as gets close to him, dead.
Cho’Gath: (How long does temporary HP last, and does it stack?)
Dungeon Master: (I think it’s for the encounter unless otherwise specified, yes it stacks)
Cho’Gath: (so I could use recuperating strike and stack +3 temp hp over and over?)
Luxanna Crownguard: [Shifts to R9 andddd]
Dungeon Master: (as long as you keep connecting with hits, technically yes)
Cho’Gath: (noonish! after I wake up and play with lili for a li’l bit)
Cho’Gath: (No, Michele works. But you can come over and play L4D with us for a little while if you wanna =D)
Cho’Gath: (I think DM-chan-san means FORTUNATELY it misses)
Dungeon Master: A spear of light comes down from the heavens itself, striking the Orc in the head. He continues to stand, and swings at Garen with his axe! Unfortunately the last spell seems to have crossed his eyes a bit, and he misses Garen completely.
Garen Crownguard:
Dungeon Master: Garen swings his gigantic sword, managing more to crush the orc into a fine mist with the sheer size of it as opposed to slice him open. Once he lifts his sword again, it is clear the orc will not be getting back up any time soon.
Cho’Gath: [Choge runs over to S18 and uses Recuperating Strike to get +3 temp HP (and also stab an Orc, fuck orcs hi bb)]
Garen Crownguard: [After killing the orc, Garen yells] “DEMACIAAAAAA!!”
Luxanna Crownguard: [chimes in.] DEMACIAAAA !!
Cho’Gath: [Cho, as he runs to new Orc is looking at Garen] “I love a man who grins when he fights!”
Ezreal: [ :^)]
Dungeon Master: Cho lives for the fight, and after striking the remaining Orc, feels stronger than ever. After getting hit, the Orc does the only thing he knows how and again attempts to fling acid in Cho’s eyes. The acid misses again, and the Orc gets the feeling he’s not long for this world.
Ezreal: [ pew pew ]
Dungeon Master: The arrow hits the Orc in where his carotid artery would be if any of the adventurers knew anatomy, and blood begins spurting everywhere (including on Cho), but he still stands.
Ezreal: [ pfft ]
Cho’Gath: [Cho likes this :D]
Dungeon Master: (( dem 1s))
Luxanna Crownguard:
Dungeon Master: Lux again calls a lance of light from the heavens to strike the Orc, knocking him to one knee but not yet out of the fight. He slowly stands.
[1/7/2012 10:28:47 PM] Garen Crownguard: [Garen charges at the remaining orc with his sword held high, yelling] “DEMACIAAAAA!!!”
Luxanna Crownguard: “DEMACIAAAA !!”
Ezreal: [ |
( ]
Dungeon Master: Garen, possibly timing it to steal glory as constantly as he can, manages to once again slice an orc in half. Rather than down the middle this time, though, he does it horizontally. Seeing as very few things can live when their body is in two pieces, the adventurers consider the Orc dead. After waiting for a few minutes, no other Orcs seem to be storming the field, so the adventurers feel that they’re safe to move on.
Garen Crownguard: [Garen cleans his blade off on a cleaner piece of an orc’s armor then begins searching for valuables]
Cho’Gath: [Cho spits on the Orc] “Your race is a scourge upon this world.” [And now to Garen] “Good show!”
Dungeon Master: (( YOU SPIT ON GAREN!? ))
Garen Crownguard: “Thanks(?)”
Dungeon Master: (( spit on garen. ))
Garen Crownguard: [Garen seems a little confused about how Cho’Gath talks]
Luxanna Crownguard: <s>I love it when a plan comes together!"
Luxanna Crownguard: </s>
Luxanna Crownguard: [laughs maniacally?!]


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